Gardens & Edibles

Colorado Springs Gardens and Edibles

If you are considering moving towards a more sustainable, self reliant lifestyle, incorporating some form of harvestable crops in your landscape is a good start. Determine your level of commitment and Colorado Springs Landscaping and Design will create a plan that will fit your needs. Keep in mind, we will design and install a Haute Sustainable Landscape™, as aesthetics is an important factor that follows function.

The greenhouses that we have developed are for 4 seasons. If you live in states that have harsh winters for growing and/or high altitudes like we do in Colorado, a 4 season greenhouse is rare. So, if you are interested in year round edibles in wintery states and want to be completely off of the grid, a Colorado Springs Landscaping and Design greenhouse is the way to go. If you are satisfied with a 3 season growing season, then outdoor greenhouses, gardens and cold frames will suffice. Supplement your winter months food supply with what you have canned from your crops.

The benefits of growing your own produce is tremendous. First of all, you have control over the quality of your crops. I don’t know if you are aware, but the FDA itself does inspect commercial farmers for quality and contamination of their crops as precautionary measures. Farmers are only required to hire private companies of their choosing to generate a report. Only when there is an outbreak of E.coli, listeria, etc., that the FDA will inspect the crops and conduct an investigation. That is alarming!

Another benefit is that you can cater the type of crops you grow to your dietary needs. Plant what is best to give you the maximum nutrients your body needs. Also, you no longer have to schedule trips to the market. Just step outside and harvest what you need for your daily meals. Save time and money since growing your own produce is more cost effective than buying it at a store. And what a great way to spend time with your children and to teach them where food really comes from and the value of harvesting your own produce! BTG has coined a term, Plant to Plate™ . Teach your children to harvest tomatoes, make tomato sauce from those tomatoes and then have spaghetti with tomato sauce for dinner. Be healthier and save money!

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