Colorado Springs Groundcover, Sod, Rocks

In the past, sod (aka lawn, grass), was the top pick for a groundcover. It was cheap, easy to install and gave a home a nice, green, lush look. Well, times have changed and as a society, we know that sod consumes a great deal of water. Water is a precious resource and in most parts of the country, we are in a drought. Part of sustainable landscaping is to design and utilize spaces intelligently with resource conservation in mind. We still do install sod however it is usually minimal in size as it relates to space and the rest of the landscape is covered with a combination of hardscape, rocks, boulders, mulch and lawn substitutes such as thyme. You will still get that lush look yet there is far more visual interest with the combinations of different types of groundcover. And of course, trees, shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses are incorporated into the mulch beds and some of the rock areas.

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