Landscape Plans

Custom Landscape Plans in Colorado Springs

Before Creation…There Was A Plan™. Prior to an idea turning into reality, there needs to be a starting point. With the landscape profession, it begins with generating a landscape plan. Why invest in a plan?

There are a few reasons why you should invest in a plan. First of all, a qualified Landscape Architect/Designer is highly trained in site analysis (all plots of land have certain restraints and opportunities associated with it). By gathering this data along with the client’s wants and needs, a coherent, functional yet beautiful design can be created. Secondly, if you were planning on installing your landscape yourself, you now have a plan to follow and a level of confidence that the end result will look cohesive and not jumbled. Thirdly, whether you plan on hiring Colorado Springs Landscaping and Design or not, you can use this plan for bidding purposes. All potential contractors will be generating a quote off of the same design. As far as material pricing goes, at least that portion of your bid will be very similar. Lastly, let’s face it; landscaping is not cheap. With a plan you can easily break apart the scope of work to be done in phases. Even though your landscape may take a few years to complete, again, with a plan, the end result will look like you installed it all at one time. Functional, cohesive and beautiful! Investing in a professional landscape plan just makes plain sense!

Believe it or not, in the world of Landscape Architecture, we denote types of landscapes by names/descriptions. There are formal and informal landscapes, themed landscapes such as Tuscany, English Cottage, Xeriscape. Japanese, Mediterranean, Santa Fe, etc…and a favorite of our local people is the Colorado Mountainscape. Sometimes people in different geographical locations will name their landscapes after the local topographical and vegetative features such as High Plains Desert, Foothills, etc. Knowing a style or theme of a landscape just helps us design your dream space, as each type of theme is identified by it’s own specific design elements. One thing for sure, with Colorado Springs Landscaping and Design, you will get a truly custom landscape. We do not design or install cookie cutter landscapes and custom doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. You can cover the same amount of square footage with the same materials used however it is the design and visual creativity that will give you that look that admirers will think you paid more for. The bitterness of poor quality far outlasts the sweetness of a lower price!

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